AboutBright Eyes Optometry

At Bright Eyes Optometry, we offer more than just treatment for vision issues such as dry eye, keratoconus or glaucoma. We can correct one’s vision with prescription lenses in the form of glasses or contacts to enhance the patient’s overall sight. While one’s sight can weaken with age, our treatment can help to detect and prevent the further development of these ocular issues. Along with that, we can help patients learn how to take care of their eyes.

In this digital age, staring at screens is the main requirement of most jobs. With that in mind, people may not realize how damaging staring at a screen all day can be to their eyes. Our team can recommend methods to avoid this strain on the eyes and other treatment techniques to help relieve strain on the eyes. The first step toward healthy vision is to call us and schedule an appointment.


Dr. Sumati Deutscher

Dr. Deutscher has been practicing optometry for 18 years. She believes an eye exam should be a thorough assessment of the patient’s needs, ocular health, and visual function. She loves her work and cares for her patients. It was her dream to create an office that offers a standard of eye care that most patients have never experienced. In April 2009, Bright Eyes Optometry was established on the principles of guaranteed quality, convenience, and neighborly service.

Sammie Sapp

Sammie manages the inner workings of Bright Eyes Optometry. She is fun, quick to laugh and able to understand your insurance benefits as well as fit you with the best glasses you have ever had. She keeps us efficient so we can help you from “hello” to “see you again soon!”

Gloria Reyna

Gloria is a friendly and kind person who is interested in making sure your visit to Bright Eyes Optometry is fun and rewarding. She grew up in our town, New Rochelle, where many of you may recognize her from the YMCA, as an active member of the community.

Kevin Torres

Kevin Torres is as good with a soccer ball as he is with optics. He is a fun-loving member of our community with a knack for youthful style. He is relaxed, knowledgeable, friendly and inspired to give our patients the best optical technology we have to offer.

Anne Marie Rizzo

Anne Marie is the attentive technician who helps patients through all the high-tech testing at Bright Eyes Optometry. Besides that, she is passionate about wellness and nutrition which makes her an asset to our patients. Her goal is to treat each patient with compassionate care and have fun while doing it!