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  • EXAM —No copay for routine exam, $75 copay contact lens exam, $25 glasses and contacts
  • FRAMES —$0 for featured member frame brands or 15% off on all other lines.
  • LENSES — $0 for single vision and bifocal lenses
  • $0 copay on impact-resistant (polycarbonate) lenses for children under 18 years old
  • 1 year scratch warranty on LENSES
  • 20% savings on the cost of lens enhancements
  • CONTACTS —$100 applied toward contact lens purchase when opting for contacts instead of glasses
  • Preferred booking for in-office appointments.
  • Video tele-medical conferencing with the doctor. You must be pre-registered to use this service.
  • Patient Resources- Access treatment education pertaining to your condition.  This portal allows you to review your treatment and ask a question.
  • Membership offers special pricing on the purchase of eyeglass from our online shop.
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