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While many people are content wearing glasses, others prefer a more discreet option that does not require lenses and frames on their face. TOne possible solution is in contact lenses. Contact lens exams consist of special tests that are typically not part of a routine eye exam for prescription glasses. A contact lens exam helps our optometrist determine if the patient is a candidate for wearing contact lenses.

Contact lens exams are available at Bright Eyes Optometry in Mt Vernon and the surrounding area. Since these exams are unique, anyone interested in getting contact lenses needs to inform us when scheduling an appointment. With this exam, we can help determine which type of contact lenses will meet the patient's needs.

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What goes on during contact lens exams?

During the appointment we will perform a comprehensive examination, testing the patient's visual acuity and overall health. To measure visual acuity, we will only need an eye chart with rows of letters that get small down the page. Patients will read specific rows in order to determine how well they can read various sizes of print from farther away.

Upon completing this part of the exam, we will gather information to help fit the patient with contact lenses. We will also go over the patient's various preferences and the proper level of care their contact lenses will need. Depending on the result of the contact lens exams, we might talk to the patient about rigid gas permeable (hard) contact lenses.

Gas permeable lenses are not as comfortable as soft lenses, but they do provide the sharpest images. If the patient is over the age of 40, we will also examine the patient for presbyopia. Presbyopia is a condition that makes it difficult to focus on near objects and read the small print. Bifocal or multifocal contact lenses can help to address this condition.

The fitting

Contact lenses are customized for each patient. If the curvature of the lenses does not match the curvature of the patient's eyes, it can lead to discomfort and even damage to the eye. During the fitting for contact lenses, we will:

  • Measure the curvature of the patient's eye using an instrument known as a keratometer for a comfortable fit
  • Inspect the surface of the patient's eye using a biomicroscope
  • Get additional measurements of the patient's cornea using a corneal topographer
  • Perform wavefront measurements to evaluate how well the patient's eyes focus light
  • Recommend toric lenses if the patient's cornea has an irregular shape (astigmatism)
  • Take measurements of the patient's pupil and iris
At Bright Eyes Optometry, we will take the time to ensure the contact lenses are the right fit for the patient. With the professional guidance of Dr. Sumati Deutscher, we can help the patient receive the visual aid they need.

What happens after contact lens exams?

After the examination, we will fit the patient with trial lenses. We might use a biomicroscope to evaluate how well the trial lenses fit before sending the patient home. We will then schedule a follow-up appointment to inspect the patient's eyes. If everything looks good, we will create a prescription and order the customized contacts. It usually takes a few weeks to prepare the order.

Once we give the first order to the patient, we will go over how to place the contact lenses as well as how to clean them if they are reusable ones. We can also explain how the patient can order more. Call us at 914-730-9574 to schedule an appointment today.

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